Saturday, June 30, 2007

Water Spinach,Indonesian Omelet and The Airtel Phone Bill

This morning, i finally got a call from my Father in Jakarta, after totally missed his call for 24 hours (He used to call me twice a day,so 24 hours is quite frustating for me).It was really energizing, that i decided to go for a lil bit shopping to the Famous camp market, 10 minutes away by rickshaw from my flat.

Not long after taking a bath, Nilesh came as usual, then we went together.He stopped at the Shirdi BabaMandir(temple) near by, to join the entering ceremony for a new Statue Of Sirdhi Baba,as i continued my journey.
As the rickshaw took me in a breeze windy morning,i enjoyed mezmerising landscape of camp market area. It is a typical traditional indian market,with varied vegetables,fruits,Dry Spices,aractively displayed on a different cart,with groceries shops as their backgrounds, and seperated non- veg area in the right wing of the market.What makes this market special is, it's quite clean and 'complete'.You can find whatever you need to cure your homesick Seafood,Water spinach,dry seafood,Duck,Goose,celery,big sized garlic,'indonesian spinach'....Surprised ?
Yess..really, you won't find those kind of things in typical market in Delhi, for they're not kind of popular items in north indian kitchen, specially Delhi,UP and Haryana.Seafood, well, delhi is a totally landlock area, Water spinach and ,'indonesian spinach'is only for cattles or goats,forget about dry seafood, Most of Delhiites are vegetarian, they have never experienced such strong smell of non-veg items, they will faint immediately as soon as you fry those dried seafood items,hehehehe..or at least, they will scold you,"kya Banaya !!!" ( What the hell are you cooking"?).But they are available in camp market, for there are significant numbers of foreigners live in this north Campus Area.Most of them are the students or lecturers of Delhi University.
Actually, there is one more market where you can find those rare items,even with more sophiscicated quantity and variety.It is called INA market. The problem is, it's 45 Km away from my place,it will take around 45 minutes to reach there..besides, they also put higher price than this humble camp conclusion, this market is awarded as my favorite market in Delhi..hehehe..
After passing some carts of vegetables and fruits, i asked the rickshawallah to stop. Those beautiful colours and varieties of veg and fruits really provoked my eyes.At the same time,it made me confused, what to buy.Each and every little thing is nice and was really difficult for me to make up my mind. Of course i need some fresh milk and fruits to join cornflakes in our breakfast bowls. So i went to a dairy shop, and bought 1 ltr fresh full cream milk then i bought some pairs of Bananas from the fruit seller infront of the shop. There's a full jar of cornflakes in my breakfast shell, so i think these are enough for the breakfast.
And what for lunch?? I swear, i'm getting tired with those chickens and muttons things,and the Buffalo market is so 35 minutes away from camp market.Of course, as a Delhi Citizen, you'd be commited a crime if you consume cow it..
Hmm, i think a nice fish or seafood dishes will be a great surprise treat for a shiny saturday.I decided to cook Fish meatball with dry shrimp soup,stir fried ,water spinachand crispy pomfret fillet .BINGO...a nice saturday lunch treat for everyone :D
Then i caught a rickshaw, for non-veg area is lil'bit far, and wisemen said, Delhi-above 9 am ultraviolet is not good for your health ;) ( actually, i was just too lazy to walk alone in that big market).I asked to the rickshawallah to take me to the Non-Veg item, of course, he showed a 'what the..' expression in his tough yet patient face, for Indians are dilligently hardworking people who is very fond of waking and spending their money wisely.And this girl choose to spend her 5 rupees instead of 300 m walking??? This is unbelievably too much and stupid..( i think silently he had that comment about me ).Well,i tried to save my face by saying,'Is ke Bath Indra Vihar Bahiya!"(after that, Indra Vihar (my flat area) Brother!") then his face turned to be a 'normal' tone.
I was so happy with my brilliant idea of saturday safood lunch treat,that i was humming and soon as i reached there....THEY ARE ALL CLOSED.....GOSH... i almost fainted...oh nooooo....this is morning time..A.M...only one chicken stall open...the rest will open only after 2 PM...huaaaa...:((:((:((:((...i was so dissapointed that i almost cried. I don't want to eat chicken today..No No U''s been 4 days in a row i ate chiken...even last night i had 4 pieces of long chicken seekh kabab. Then i understood why The Rickshawallh showed me his confused face.Of Course, Non veg wing is not opened in a.m time..
So I have to change the idea..I hate not have much time and choice, i have to decide.Well, the i just asked the rickshaw wallah to turn his rickshaw,directly to Indra Vihar. On the way, i stooped for a while, i saw a fresh spring water spinach in one vegetables cart. took a bunch and asked the seller to measure it.He said, Das Rupee( 10 rupees).Ok, good price.Then i saw a tempting round fat greenish yellow lemon. Again i asked, bhai, nimbu das rupee wallah..( bro,give me ten rupees lemon).Satisfied with all i got, i came back,sitting comfortably in the rickshaw.
On the way home, i finally got idea what to eat for lunch... I think i heard alot of people mentioned this 'best combination' ever.. Stir fried Water spinach and ,omelet with tomato ,sambal to complete the feast !! Weird?? Well, might be fro some of you, but believe me, it;s a very common thing for us, Indonesian, to have omelet with rice in our meals..OF course, it's a special kind of omelet, simple yet nice with sliced red onion and green chillies. Well, sometimes people prever spring onion and garlic, u can try both.Well, honestly, i am rised up in a very foody family, that we usually have 5-6 kinds of side dishes in our dining table beside the rice,,tempe,tahu and sambal .And with my cooking passion, i brought that habbit til now, when i hav eto leave my cosy house and have to manage all my daily needs.At least i prrepare 3 side dishes beside the rice.So, hardly i could find an experience to have exclusively-perfect paired- one kind side dish and rice.And today is the day, that i will try it :D
The rickshaw dropped me savely infront of my flat.After paying 10 rupees,i said thank you and waving good bye.Right before i stepped up the stair,A mango seller passed by..."Aaaammm...bohot baria.."(Manggoooo...Finest Quality...) My eyes stucked into the colour sensation from his cart...Green, Orangish,Yellowis,Reddish, even pink, with different sizes and can resist this temptation...Spontaniously, i stopped the cart, picking two kinds of manggo, the yelowish with long and slim shape, and the small -cute -almost round- green manggo.Each for 1 Kg,and guest was only for 15 Rupees/KG !!! haha, this is what i like most about Delhi,almost all are more pocket friendly that any other Big City in The world ;)
Hurrily, i stepped in to my cute peach flat on the first floor, and proudly showing my shopping bag to Aila..Of course she's very happy seeing a bunch f water spinach in it.Then we had our breakfast, i hide the manggo pieces under the cornflakes, and cut the banana on top of it.Again she's happy to find a nice surpise on her takes 5 minutes only after finishing it for her to run to the loo..the combination of milk,conrflakes,banana and manggo is not friendly to her digestion..heheh..
We continue the morning watching Yatra, Hindi Movie played by Rekha and Nana Patekar.Such a nice Movie, i couldnt understand why this kind of movie is flop in indian market.May be because they didn't shoot it in New York Or London, the biggest gimmick these days.And the story is not about young,happy,jolly,Fancy ,NRI having an affair,or divorced or married by forced to the 'desi'(pure) Indian bachelor then decide to elope with her foreign Boy Friend.I don't know..
The movie finished after 3 hours. And it's 1 PM already.We felt hungry.I went to the kitchen to prepare the lunch.The Water spinach was really superb!! Crunchy and fresh, i could easily cut it and clean it. i stir fry the water spinach with garlic and dry red chilli.only 5 minutes, the stir fried water sinach is ready on the table.Then the sambal.I grind the onion, tomato and the red chillies,put a little sugar and salt then fry it.3 minutes, done.Then again, the omelet. I cut little onion, red chillies, then mix it with 3 beaten eggs,fry it with 1,5 teaspoon of oil and butter mixture, 2 minutes,done.The the lunch is ready...we really enjoyed it...the 'myth' is true !Such a perfect combination.. it was sooo delicious..Now i could get the point,You dont need fancy-sophisticated performance to find perfection!!! you can find it in a simple perfect combination..
To complete our superb lunch, we enjoy the mangoes,peace by peace. I love the long slim yellowish one,it tastes like honey.The small-cute-amost round-green one also nice but i dont really like the 'raw-manggo' fragrant of it.Suddenly someone knocking at the door. I cheked it up,and..the ,Airtelmessanger.He deliver our Phone Bill for this month.Auch..after saying thannks, i open the envelope,very carefully...and..VOILA....i grin to Aila...she took the paper from my hand...and...we grin together...then....FAINTED..
-The EnD-

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meri Sunder Delhi ( My Beautiful Delhi)

It's May 28 already, 3 days to go to the month of June,2007Gosh, i just can't believe that it's been 2 years one month im staying herethe beautiful city of Delhi.
During that time, i have to admit that not many things change. NOt my weight,status,bank account (hehehe),But weirdly, i feel so different.

I think it's because Delhi.This place teach me loads !!It helps me a lot to change my point of view about life,moreover, about me.myself.
I feel love.Delhi gives me loads of love.The Rickshaws,The Ottos,The Metro,The greeneries,the dust,the wind,the squirrels,the cows,the monkeys,the heat,Delhi University,AL- Bake,Concept,Nizzamuddin,Paras,Delight,PVRs,Central Park,Lodhi Garden,Barrista,Cafe Coffe day, Kamla Nagar,Connoght place,Kamani Auditorium,Cha Bar...Delhi shower me with its love, along this years :)

Delhi teach me, how to love life and feel blessed about it. Delhi teach me to lovemy self,and feel grateful about it.Delhi teach me to feel every single piece of love that my father shower during my life.Delhi teach me to understand and value and grateful about how wonderful my mom a loving mother,and a super woman..
But the most important thing is..Delhi Teach me to forgive,sincerely.Take whatever life prepare for me with thankful acceptance,unconditionally.
It's not stopping there :).Delhi complete my life.Again with Love.Delhi brings me Aila and Vidhya.Without whom i couldn't imagine how my life would be..
Delhi bring me a husband (with God's willing and Blessing) with whom i realize that i'm 'enough' as a woman :)

Thanks God...For giving me another chance to live my life..You're so great and loving..
Thank You Delhi..Bahut bahut Shukriya, Meri Sunder Delhi..Me tumse pyaar karti hoon :)
PS : Delhi also made me meet wonderful people like Pror.Bansal,Prof Raina,Prof Kaul,Prof Aggarwal,Dr.Tandon,Dr.Shankaran,Dr.Pusph L.Kumar,all are wondeful teacher who supports me and teach me with their marvelous dedication and brightness. And wonderful fellows, Li qiong jia,my angle,sweet little the bright Unurmaa from mongolia.. it's nice to have you guys as my friends...

Also..hehehe Delhi add another title on my name, LLM hehehe ( so cheesy..)